SRP The Table Episode 1 w/ Benjamin Stein

Supratta Records Presents Episode 1 of "The Table". A new podcast series where Joey Supratta interviews special guests and talks all things music. Check out Episode 1 of season 1 (Full season dropping early 2020)

SR Presents The Table: w/ special guest Benjamin Stein. Benjamin Stein is an up & coming artist out of Los Angeles, CA. He is the newest member signed to Supratta Records and came through to talk about his most recent project (Curious Case) as well as his upcoming show at The Mint. Get to know Benjamin in our first official episode of SR Presents The Table.


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Supratta Records  (founded in 2013 by Joey Supratta) is an Independent Record Label based out of Los Angeles, CA and consists of 7 artists: Joey Supratta, Ttereve, Hollow Brooks & Eterna (of Seriate Collective), Million, Izzo & Benjamin Stein. With Supratta Records (Also known as S.R.) being home to these unique and talented artists, each member showcases their own sound and style differently.