New Single, "3 KXNGS" feat. Hollow Brooks, Joey Supratta, & Ttereve streaming everywhere!

Supratta Records VP (Hollow Brooks) has been up to something recently! Check out his newest production with features from SR's very own Joey Supratta & Ttereve in this new single. Rumor has it a popular TV network has their hands on this track also! Listen now and hear the raw lyricism from these artists.


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Supratta Records  (founded in 2013 by Joey Supratta) is an Independent Record Label based out of Los Angeles, CA and consists of 7 artists: Joey Supratta, Ttereve, Hollow Brooks & Eterna (of Seriate Collective), Million, Izzo & Benjamin Stein. With Supratta Records (Also known as S.R.) being home to these unique and talented artists, each member showcases their own sound and style differently.