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Izzo (Izzy Gonzalez) Born June 22, 1990 comes from a small city Victorville, Ca. Born in Glendora lived out of Baldwin Park and Chino as a child and resigned in Victorville since 2003 – present. Raised by a single Mother with a younger brother and sister. Music has always had an impact on his life as a child and growing up through many complications. Influenced by many legends and modern day artists. Such as Method man, Ludacris, Xzibit, Dr. Dre, Kurupt, and many more. As well as he is an Artist he also contains a lot of knowledge on the Producing side of things. Izzo has been making beats since 2008 and is still improving his instrumentals. As music helped him throughout life situations, He became more interested in creating his own music. Ever since 2008 Izzo has been a starving Artist and Producer as well. Trying to make his stamp HMB (Heavily Medicated Beats) in this music industry. Starting the year of 2015 Izzo has also joined the Supratta Records family.



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Supratta Records  (founded in 2013 by Joey Supratta) is an Independent Record Label based out of Los Angeles, CA and consists of 7 artists: Joey Supratta, Ttereve, Hollow Brooks & Eterna (of Seriate Collective), Million, Izzo & Benjamin Stein. With Supratta Records (Also known as S.R.) being home to these unique and talented artists, each member showcases their own sound and style differently.