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 Joey Supratta (Founder of Supratta Records) is an Italian-American hip/hop artist/producer who resides in Los Angeles, CA. He created his team back in 2013 with the goal to be known as one of the greats. Since then, Supratta and the rest of the Supratta Family have performed at many well known historical venues such as the legendary Viper Room and The Roxy Theater, won many Hip/Hop Showcase Competitions, been featured on numerous blog websites, as well as been interviewed on LA’s very own 93.5 KDAY radio station, all while remaining independent. With his smart & business-like work ethic along with his skilled lyricism, there’s no denying Joey Supratta is an artist who is here to stay. You can find Joey Supratta’s music on iTunes as well as Spotify, Pandora Radio, and all other streaming platforms.

 Hollow Brooks is an Artist, Drummer, Producer, Engineer in the music world. Also, He is a cast member of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance Season 7. As an artist he formed his group Seriate Collective with his long time friend, Eterna. Hollow is Vice President as well as signed as an artist to Supratta Records.

He’s an up & coming artist and his passion for music was born when he started playing the drums at the age of 7. Hollow was born and raised in Inglewood, CA before moving to Calabasas at the age of 8. At the age of 12 years old, he then moved into an apartment complex in the San Fernando Valley where he met and grew up with Supratta Records founder and artist: Joey Supratta

In 2020, Hollow Brooks has released his 4 Track EP “Quarantized Beats” all produced by himself and he has done a few collaborations as well. 
“Clouds” featuring King Los, L’z, Adonis The Greek and Produced by Mally Mal has been one of his major collaborations yet. 
Also, Hollow has collaborated with Chicago’s artist, P.G.L.U.  and released his first official featured video for their single “Never See”, with the help of Enviyon Studios and “EnviyonOnTheMix”.


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Everett Essex aka Ttereve, (Ter-eve) Is a uniquely diverse, Independent, eclectic Hip Hop Soul artist and producer who was born in Inglewood, CA and raised in the (818) area of the San Fernando Valley. With his unmistakable vocals, sound of music, and style, Ttereve is the kind of artist you’d expect to see on a Soulection catalog. Ttereve has always remained focused and dedicated to become one of the best Hip Hop artists of his time and era. 

                   Ttereve got his first shot at music when he linked up with Joey Supratta years back at the beginning of it all. Two diamonds in the rough clashing in a studio came up with the flawless plan to “have this game locked in a cage getting shocked with a pole”... but they still felt like something was missing. Reaching out to their long time homie and brother, Blake Abelard aka HollowBrooks they came up with Supratta Records and decided to take the industry head on and never look back...


The rest is history as it develops... stay tuned..

Welcome to Million’s World where creating music and capturing art form are what feed his passion and creative energy. Live performance and music production showcase Million’s diverse ability and talent.  Photographing people, things, nature and happenings are all a part of Million’s artistic ways. His love of fashion plays a huge role in his day to day lifestyle from checkered jackets to an endless assortment of kicks. Let’s just say playing it safe does not give Million his edge. 
Million’s message to you - be yourself.


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Eterna is an up and coming female artist from Woodland Hills, CA. At a young age she began

playing jazz trumpet where she competed with the top jazz bands in the nation. This journey

brought her to New York and Savannah, Georgia where she was able to meet and play with

legends such as Wycliffe Gordon and the famous Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton

Marsalis. Eterna also played trumpet for Michael McDonald and Styx during a benefit concert.

She began producing and DJing in her spare time until she met Hollow Brooks. The two clicked

immediately and began recording music together. Her raw dark lyrics capture the attention of

listeners and have earned her much respect from her peers.

She recently finished her first mixtape Insomniac Vol. 1 which is available to download on

Datpiff. Since early 2012, Eterna has opened up for acts such as RedMan & MethodMan, Joe

Budden, Cozz, Fashawn, and Strong Arm Steady. She is a member of Seriate Collective, which

is a part of the independent record label Supratta Records.


Benjamin Stein (Supratta Records) is a Hip Hop Recording Artist and Producer residing in Los Angeles, California.
Benjamin has released two projects, his debut "Curious Case" and his follow up project "Gxld Vol. 1" as well as numerous singles, music videos, and features. His Headline show at The Mint, Los Angeles was featured on national television on the show "90-Day Fiance" Season 7, Episode 10. Following his achievements Benjamin intends to burst onto the scene with his original production and wild stage presence. You can find Benjamin Stein on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Youtube, Pandora and all other streaming Platforms.


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Izzo (Izzy Gonzalez) Born June 22, 1990 comes from

a small city Victorville, Ca. Born in Glendora lived out

of Baldwin Park and Chino as a child and resided in

Victorville since 2003 – present. Raised by a single

Mother with a younger brother and sister. Music has

always had an impact on his life as a child and growing

up through many complications. Influenced by many

legends and modern day artists. Such as Method man,

Ludacris, Xzibit, Dr. Dre, Kurupt, and many more. As

well as he is an Artist he also contains a lot of

knowledge on the Producing side of things. Izzo has

been making beats since 2008 and is still improving his



As music helped him throughout life situations, He

became more interested in creating his own music.

Ever since 2008 Izzo has been a starving Artist and

Producer as well. Trying to make his stamp HMB

(Heavily Medicated Beats) in this music industry.

Starting the year of 2015 Izzo has also joined the

Supratta Records family. Making his debut

performance with Supratta Records April 11th, 2015 at

The Mint in Los Angeles.


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Supratta Records  (founded in 2013 by Joey Supratta) is an Independent Record Label based out of Los Angeles, CA and consists of 7 artists: Joey Supratta, Ttereve, Hollow Brooks & Eterna (of Seriate Collective), Million, Izzo & Benjamin Stein. With Supratta Records (Also known as S.R.) being home to these unique and talented artists, each member showcases their own sound and style differently.